A local Company with a Global reach with industry expertise in:
  Electronic -Digital, Analog and Power; Medical-
Monitoring, Nuclear,PET and CAT Scanning; Software-LabVIEW, and others; Engineering Services; Automotive-Factory Automation and Process Controls.




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Our Mission

A "ME TOO Company" we are not. It has been and will always be our goal to continue to work closely with our clients in providing them with the best support in all phases of their product development cycle from conceptualization to market.

Company Profile

South West Applied Technologies is an Arizona Company with a Global reach; a full service Engineering Company well focused on deliverables and customer satisfaction.

South West Applied Technologies services many industries from Medical, Aerospace, Power Generation, Lighting, Automotive, Factory Automation and more industries too numerous to mention. Presently, we are poised and ready to provide our services in every state and overseas.

South West Applied Technologies is comprised of a core group of highly talented and experienced professionals from many engineering disciplines. At South West Applied Technologies, no project is too small or large. Every project is considered important and given the utmost attention.

Our promise to you as our client: we will work with you to define the best product that will help you leap frog your competitions, help you design it, build it, test it and market it if you wish. We become an extension of your company without the headaches of all the overheads associated with the hiring and maintaining a large staff. Our work is guaranteed and you will not be abandoned so why wait

"Together we can WIN."