A local Company with a Global reach with industry expertise in:
  Electronic -Digital, Analog and Power; Medical-
Monitoring, Nuclear,PET and CAT Scanning; Software-LabVIEW, and others; Engineering Services; Automotive-Factory Automation and Process Controls.




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Medical Instrumentation

We have extensive experience in designing Medical instrumentation in every modality, i.e. Nuclear Medicine, X-Rays, Computerized Assisted Tomography (CAT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Experience in designing Complete Patient Monitoring Station including EKG, EEG, Respiration, Temperature and Blood Pressure (Invasive and non-invasive).

Factory Automation

Complete factory automation and process control. We work on site along with the Management and the trade unions to ensure a successful completion. We have worked at GM Buick City, Oklahoma and Wentzville. We have extensive experience in designing High Voltage Switching Supplies for the Electrostatic Painting Industry and especially flow control systems to meter the amount of paint delivered to ensure exceptional paint job on each car.

V. A. Hospital
Revamped the Automated Transport System (ATS) system at the V. A. hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. These Automated vehicles are used to deliver medicine and food to every floor at the hospital.